Through Our Eyes – Week 11

Each Wednesday, WKU’s Student Chapter of NPPA brings you the best images of the past week taken by our very own students. To submit, you must currently be a WKU Photojournalism student and have taken the images or produced the video in the last week (Monday to Monday). Send your top 5 choices to [email protected] and our officers will pick the best of the bunch to showcase.


TOE_Week11_02Jabin Botsford

Winter Storm 12.20.2012Adam Wolffbrandt

Inauguration 1.21.13Adam Wolffbrandt


Brenda K. Farmer has been living in a movie screen for over a month at the Holiday Drive In located in Rockport, Indiana. The Drive In was built in 1958 and the main screen has been broken up into several apartments. “It’s great. When I tell people they ask me if I’m homeless or something. I laugh and explain to them that it’s actually a nice home,” Farmer said.

Brittany Greeson


JEFF BROWN/Junior guard Brandon Harris reaches for a rebound in the first halfagainst Louisville.  WKU lost 78-55 against #5 Louisville at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tn on Dec. 22, 2012.

Jeff Brown

TOE_Week11_08Brittany Sowacke

TOE_Week11_09Adam Wolffbrandt

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