NPPA Announcements!

Get ready because NPPA is announcing a whole bunch of events!

If you don’t have Facebook or we sadly aren’t friends yet, pay attention because this email contains a ton of important information! If you don’t take a few minutes to read, you’ll only be cheating yourself out of awesome opportunities!

Firstly, do not forget to submit your picture for the Print Trade which is taking place next Tuesday, February 12th at our secretary, Alix Mattingly’s, house. It starts at 8pm and is located at 1326 Park St., Apt. D.
All submissions are due by 11:59 on Sunday the 10th. Make sure you have paid your $10 annual dues OR submitted your National number to BEFORE the print trade. Otherwise, we sadly cannot print your wonderful photo. If you want to remind yourself, join our event here.

Secondly, Career Day and Career Night. Every year we have Career Day where you can have your portfolio reviewed by actual professionals in the industry who just so happen to be in hiring positions (hint, hint, think summer internships and future jobs). This is definitely a dress-to-impress day; take it as seriously as an interview. For complete information, please refer to the email our Director, Mr. Kenney, sent out and our Facebook event located here.
In preparation for Career Day, we are having Career Night in 127 on February 13th starting at 8pm. This is going to be an information, case-by-case question/answer, critique, review, you name it session. Need help with your portfolio? Need help with your resume? Don’t even know what a cover letter is? Don’t worry. Just come with your questions in tow and someone will be able to help you out. You can also look at our Facebook page and join so you don’t forget about it. The link is here.

Thirdly, we are having the second clip contest! Basically, this is a WKU-only contest, much like KNPA, CPOY or POY. You can submit up to 5 entries in each category of Sports Action, Sports Feature, News, Portrait and Story. This means you can enter up to 25 separate times. Think of the possibilities! All photos must have been taken between October 28th and the deadline, which is Tuesday, February 19th. For full rules and guidelines, please refer to our Facebook event page, here. At the end of the year, the person with the most points will win some PJ swag. Currently, Adam Wolffbrandt is in the lead with 5 points, closely followed by Austin Anthony with 4. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to claim the prize for yourself!

Finally! Don’t forget that EVERY Tuesday is a Through Our Eyes deadline. You can submit up to 5 images or videos, if that’s your style, to by 6:30pm every single Tuesday. Everything you submit must have been taken in that one week period, however. If you’re submitting video, it has to have been finished within the Tuesday-to-Tuesday time period. At the end of the year, NPPA will be producing a book of all the images picked for Through Our Eyes. How cool!? Check out the blog, here.

Thanks to every single one of you who take part in NPPA events!
Brittany, Danny, Adam and Alix

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