Emilee Arnold

Emilee Arnold’s first internships last summer had her covering five eastern Kentucky and West Virginia counties, while working for the Appalachian Newspapers, Inc. A Bowling Green, KY native Emilee is a junior Photojournalism major at Western Kentucky University. Here are a few of her pictures from this past year.

Dean Woods, 58, holds his wife Brenda’s hand during an eye exam at a Remote Area Medical (RAM) clinic at Easy Perry Elementary School in Hazard, Ky. RAM clinics offer free vision, dental, and medical care to patients in underserved areas. The couple were among the first to arrive at the clinic at its opening on June 3, 2023.

Olivia Beachy, 8, chases a classmate in a game of tag during indoor recess at her Mennonite school on March 31, 2023.

Family and friends of Martin, Ky. resident Amber Spradlin mourn during a visitation at Hall Funeral Home on June 22, 2023. Spradlin was found dead at a home in Martin on June 18, with Kentucky State Police deeming her death a result of “life-threatening injuries from suspected foul play”. Her family alleged at a later press conference that she was stabbed eleven times. As of September 18, no arrests have yet been made in connection to her case.

In the weeks following her death, relatives of Spradlin made calls for justice through demonstrations, a vigil, and memorial services. Her family says that they seek to keep Amber’s story in the community’s memory and see the perpetrator brought to justice.

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