Eli Randolph

WKU junior Eli Randolph discovered one of the best things about photojournalism this past year.  Having consistent class assignments pushing him into the community, Eli discovered the photojournalism joy of meeting amazing strangers every day and stepping into their lives for a brief moment. Here are a few pictures the Murfreesboro TN native took the past year at school.

Four cowboys walk through smoke while holding the American flag before a rodeo event in Bowling Green, KY, Saturday, February 11th,2023. The scene depicts a patriotic display of Western heritage and American pride as the riders prepare for the competition. The atmosphere surrounding the flag was unmatched as the bearers honored United States service members. With the smoke and dust in the air the flag was unfurled and the national anthem sang.

Landon and Millie Westbrook sit in their kitchen after returning from a funeral at 10 pm on April 20, for a family friend whose father committed suicide the week prior. “After the tornados tore down all of his barns he was never really the same,” said Landon. According to the CDC farmers are twice as likely as people in other occupations to die by suicide.

Millie walks her zebra, Marti, though the doors of her barn to get it used to being led. Although there is a lot of struggles farming and surviving doing so there are moments of peace. Over the past 4 years Millie has refurbished an old tobacco barn to be a clean, welcoming space for people to rent for anything from weddings to birthday parties. In the early days of using the barn she got increasing questions from customers to pet her animals in one of the adjacent barns. After having so much feedback she decided to make a part of the event barn package.

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