Through Our Eyes Week 8

Below are some of our favorite photos from this week’s Through Our Eyes. Each week the selections are chosen by WKUPJ students. Stay tuned for more to come!

First Place

Red Jackson, sits on top of his ’72 Monte Carlo outside of his house in Alligator, Mississippi. Alligator, Mississippi has a population of 208 from a 2010 Consensus, and is part of the area considered the Mississippi Delta. “This is what I know. My people from here and it’s always been good with folk. Just life in the Delta is what I know,” Jackson said. | Michael Blackshire

Runner Up

A young activist was among the many who filled Downtown Chicago Saturday October 13. March to the Polls protest organized and marched as a call for voter registration and participation. | Brenna Pepke

Honorable Mentions

Larry Williams, holds his young nephew as family comes over to visit. Growing up, him and the rest of their family lived willingly on a plantation were his father worked for a man near the area they still call home now in Duncan Mississippi. “My dad told me tells, you see those tree’s over there, my dad say man hung from those tree’s. We own this land over here. From this block to the other end. Everyone knows the Coffey family. The population is small, there are no police around, but we protect our own, Coffey said.| Michael Blackshire

Dexter Wilson (Front Right), Jamarion Cockran (Back Right), and Aavion Keller (Middle) look out on a street in Baton Rouge as sun falls. “I want a good picture of me and my dog,” Wilson said, knowing him and his friends would have to go back inside the house soon. | Michael Blackshire

Teodoro Acosta, 52, is originally from Durango City, Mexico, but now is starting a new life in Texas. He was visiting near Austin in Georgetown, TX but is enjoying his life away from home. | Michael Blackshire


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