Through Our Eyes Week 2

Ole Miss sprinter Alvin Westbrook competes in the 400 meter dash during Vanderbilt’s Music City Challenge on Saturday Feb. 10, 2018 at Vanderbilt Rec. Center and Indoor Track Facility in Nashville, Tennessee. | Shaban Athuman

When we were younger, I knew him as Didier. We sat next to each other in the one-room schoolhouse in Tanzania for three years, watching the dirt from the floor blow through the room. It was a rainy day in third grade when he told me goodbye and he moved across the ocean with his family. The next time I saw him was in the living room of his parents home in Louisville, Kentucky. He introduced himself as Jimmy. He didn’t have a foreign sounding name or an accent, like I do. Fifteen years after sitting beside him in the one-room schoolhouse 7,851 miles away, we now go to the same college. We still remember the close knit family feeling of the refugee camp. | Shaban Athuman

A cowboy prepares to ride out into the arena of the Agricultural Exposition Center on Sunday during the Lone Star Rodeo. The rodeo featured more then 6 events including bareback bronc riding and bull riding. | Silas Walker

WKU cheerleaders run on the court before the Hilltopper 83-76 win on Saturday, Feb. 10, 2018, at E.A. Diddle Arena, in Bowling Green, Ky. | Evan Mattingly

Florida International University guard Josh Stamps (0) dunks during the Panthers 83-76 loss to to Western Kentucky University at E.A. Diddle Arena in Bowling Green, Ky. | Shaban Athuman

Head Coach Rick Stansbury listens as the team is introduced before taking on Florida International University on Saturday Feb. 10, 2018 at E.A. Diddle Arena in Bowling Green. | Shaban Athuman

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