Through Our Eyes – Week 14

Each Wednesday, WKU’s Student Chapter of NPPA brings you the best images of the past week taken by our very own students. To submit, you must currently be a WKU Photojournalism student and have taken the images or produced the video in the last week (Monday to Monday). Send your top 5 choices to and our officers will pick the best of the bunch to showcase.

Arko Dato came to Denmark from Calcutta India to study photojournalism.Arko Dato came to Denmark from Calcutta, India to study photojournalism.

Eric Shea

joshualindsey_eyes_1United State’s Whitney Engen (left) and Scotland’s Jane Ross collide during the game Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2013 at LP Field in Nashville, Tennessee.  USA defeated Scotland 3-1.

Josh Lindsey

The sense of self, reconnected.

Danny Guy

A nonfiction journey through the end of life.

Abbey Oldham

A man struggles with mental illness. He’s working to lead a more stable life through medication but senses that the medication won’t be enough to reign in his illness.

Katie McLean

The story of looking back at your life and realizing that somewhere along the way you’ve lost your adolescence.

Abby O’Bryan

A visual journey comparing night and day life.

Adam Wolffbrandt

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