Through Our Eyes – Senior Projects

Here are the video projects completed by seniors in the Photojournalism Projects Capstone class.

Heart of the Game by Crystin Faenza

Don’t Look Back by Jerry Habraken

At the Heart of It by Alix Mattingly

Further From Alone by Josh Mauser

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Bringing Home Micah by Katie Mayfield


The community of Monks at Saint Meinrad Archabbey is made up of 91 men living, working and praying with God at the center of their lives. As brothers in Christ, these men love and support each other on their journey to live a more holy life. An interactive story, the Brothers iPad app allows readers to see and hear what forms this community. Readers choose their own path through the archabbey, exploring many places, including rooms in the monastery not normally open to visitors.

Brothers by Sam Oldenburg

The Sisters by Justin Philalack

A Place to Call Home by Mike Rivera

Home by Chad Young

*Luke Sharrett’s project unfortunately cannot be published at this time.*


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