WKU Photojournalism Career Day

The #14 WKUPJ Career Day is shaping up nicely.

Make plans to participate in this special day of interaction with members of the photojournalism world. This is a chance to meet with several professionals in one day, show your work and begin the all-important process of making contacts for future internships, jobs, and freelance opportunities.

Though it is not the main purpose of this event, participation has led to many internships and other employment opportunities over the years. More important than this, it is an opportunity to make several contacts within the profession you have chosen to pursue, so you need to commit to getting involved no matter what level you are in our program.

The list members to appear are:

Mike Zajakowski – Chicago Tribune
Will DeShazer – Freelance, Nashville, Tennessee
Mykal McEldowney – The Indianapolis Star
Denny Simmons – Courier and Press (Evansville)
Marcia Prouse – The Tennessean
Michel Fortier – San Antonio Express-News
Cara Owsley –  Cincinnati Enquirer
Brett Marshall, Wesley Bacon – Kertis Creative
Alex Slitz – Lexington Herald-Leader
Scott Utterback – Courier-Journal (Louisville)
Patrick Murphy-Racey – Freelance, Knoxville, Tennessee
Teak Phillips – St. Louis Review
Mark Humphrey –  AP Tennessee