Summer’s Solstice

Summer’s Solstice

Human trafficking survivor empowers women with a grassroots Christian ministry


Summer Dickerson, 38-year-old from Louisville, Kentucky, is a human trafficking survivor and former prostitute. Within two years of initiating recovery from her old lifestyle, Summer accepted Christianity and founded a ministry to empower women caught in similar cycles. Her relationships with her husband and 11 children have improved drastically since her personal transformation. Her husband identifies as a former pimp, and their marriage requires daily sacrifice to overcome battles with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder that she still faces today. She includes each of her children in her ministry work in order to demonstrate her healthy changes to them.

Soon after committing to Christianity, Summer started a Bible study for sex trafficking victims. She invites women from clubs and bars around Louisville to meet weekly for counsel and secure friendship. Additionally, she welcomes women in more desperate need to live with her and her family in their home. In summer of 2017, she completed renovations for a transitional home for them as well. Here they receive mentorship and community in exchange for maintaining strict rules for recovery. On a national scale, Summer connects a community of survivors called the “Sisterhood.” To date, she has saved and transformed many of her “sisters'” lives and fervently continues to do so.

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