Mountain Workshops returns to campus

Mountain Workshops returned to WKU campus this year as we offered the options of a Remote workshop or a Live experience for our WKU students. Seniors Brenna Pepke and Gabi Broekema  were able to focus on story for the week with guidance from video coaches Leslye Davis and  Carey Wagner.

Brenna Pepke’s Caught in the balance

Since her partner’s diagnosis, Andee Rudloff has worked to regain balance in her life. As relationships change, so does Andee’s perspective on how to respond to her life’s new structure.


Gabi Broekema’s Underdogs

Brian ‘Slim’ Nash and his daughter, Presley, have a bond stronger than Presley’s condition of alpha-mannosidosis. Presley’s strength against the incurable disorder amazes and inspires her father daily.


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