Documenting a Mennonite family by Emilee Arnold

Junior Visual Journalism & Photography major Emilee Arnold gained access to a family of seven children growing up in a Mennonite community in rural Western Kentucky.

Olivia Beachy, 8, salutes during a Bible verse recitation at Franklin Mennonite School on March 31, 2023. Students at the school memorize 100 Bible verses throughout the year alongside their courses in math, science, history, and English.
Olivia Beachy, 8, collects eggs from the chicken coops in her family’s yard in Auburn, Ky. as part of her evening chores on March 28, 2023. “The reason I make lists of chores all the time is so they learn how to help each other, and how to be responsible for what’s around them,” said Valerie Beachy, Olivia’s mother. “I’ve said that idleness is the devil’s workshop.”
Isaac Beachy, 16, talks with his mother about his cross tattoo during a family dinner on Sunday, April 2, 2023. The tattoo is a point of contention with his mother, who dislikes the tattoo but is “glad it is what it is”.
The Beachy family enjoys a homemade meal of deer steak and potatoes at their residence.

Valerie Beachy and daughter Olivia, 8, pray facing the back of the room during a service at their Mennonite church in rural western Kentucky.

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