First Studio Lighting Class a Success

The class poses during finals week with Ms A.

The first Advanced Lighting Class offered at WKU was well-received by the 12 student-pioneers. The weekly course featured studio assignments, pushing the student’s skills in the Big White Room. Assignments ranged from Motion to Issue Topic to Visual Poetry. Delayna Earley, a Senior PJ student in the course, said, “It pushed by shooting skills up to a whole new level.” Earley won first and second place Portrait in the student NPPA monthly clip contest with two of her class assignments.
The class also spent weeks researching studio costs and listened to a half-a-dozen guest speakers discuss freelancing and the cost of running a contract photography business. The class took a field trip to Dean Dixon’s in Nashville to see a working studio set-up.
The class is under consideration for a permanent home in the PJ line-up and will hopefully be offered again in the Spring.