A Dream Realized

Faculty member Tim Broekema and WKU 1992 graduate Mark T. Osler traveled to Washington, D.C. to document the end of the journey for Florida legislator Joyce Cusack as she witnessed the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States. Broekema was the project producer and worked as a photographer and sound journalist along with Osler to gather the images necessary for this production.

Senior photo students capture a moment by shooting only one frame.

Photojournalism Project students were assigned the theme of “Black and White” and then told to immerse themselves in a real situation where they could look at opposites. They had to observe the environment they were in and then determine when would be the right time to take ONE picture. They could use any lens they wanted but they were only allowed to shoot one frame. This exercise makes you think about the power of the single moment and encourages the photojournalist to observe.