Through Our Eyes-09/05/17- Summer Edition

After three tries for the title, Aysha Catron-Tsosie was crowned Miss Teen Navajo Nation this Spring. Aysha learned about her Navajo heritage from her grandmother as she prepared for the pageant as she studied the language and traditional music. Before her involvement in pageantry, Aysha said that she didn’t understand much about her culture. Now, she is involved in powwows, fairs, and events across the reservation, and advocates for Navajo language in education on the reservation. “Navajo women have to be strong, mentally and physically,” Aysha said. “Pageants have helped me learn that.” |Morgan Hornsby

Chenoa Stevens is crowned Miss Eastern Dine Bi Fair in Crownpoint, New Mexico. The pageant, which lasted three days, had a modern and tradition talent section as well as the bread baking competition. |Morgan Hornsby

Wentzville resident and St. Giana parishioner Laura Tyson walked under Kenrick-Glennon Days Summer Camp leaders with her son Gabriel as they were welcomed on June 5 to the Kenrick-Glennon Seminary. Tyson dropped off her son Mark Tyson, 11, for his first time at KGD. |Kathryn Ziesig

Paul Peters, owner of Peters Tire and longtime resident of Haines, Alaska, reflects on the state of his buisness and the local economy on July 13. Paul’s shop, located directly off of the town’s Main St.. does very well due to the fact that many people choose to repair older vehicles rather than buy new ones, as Haines’ road system is completely isolated from any other towns or cities. |Nic Huey

John Dau holds his daughter, Akur, after arriving home from school. After moving to two different countries and refugee camps, Dau was resettled into the United States. |Shaban Athuman

Portrait by Thomas Helm.

Jaime Walter holds on to her daughter Addison during a funeral service for slain Special Agent Mike Walter on Saturday June 3, 2017 at Pawhatan County High School in Powhatan County, Va. |Shaban Athuman

Marion Clement, executive director of the Maryland Bird Conservation Partnership, listens for bird callbacks during a marsh bird monitoring survey conducted by Maryland Department of Natural Resources at Monie Bay in Somerset County, Maryland, on June 15, 2017. |Skyler Ballard

Seven-year-old Joshua Smith plays with an open fire hydrant on Tuesday July 18, 2017 in Mosby. |Shaban Athuman

A First Communicant in Pueblo, Colorado wanders after her ceremony on June 18, 2017. |Gabe Scarlett

Julian and his boy Christopher at their home on Pueblo’s East Side on July 3, 2017. |Gabe Scarlett

At 93, Emory Townsend is the oldest mail carrier in Colorado. As he gazes towards the Ragged Mountain WildernessÐits serrated ridges scraping a bright skyÐhe comments that it must be the oldest mountain in the state because of all those wrinkles. |Gabe Scarlett

People gather in solidarity at a candlelight vigil for LGBTQ individuals who passed in the past year in Window Rock, Arizona on June 30, 2017. The vigil was part of the first DinŽ Pride event on the Navajo Reservation. |Morgan Hornsby

Leroy Teeasyatoh stands on the grounds of his tourism-based business in Monument Valley, Utah. Under the Trump administration, Teeasyatoh is worried about prolonged disregard of Indigenous land rights, but says that this has been a problem with every administration. “Our ancestors have already sacrificed what it takes to live on this land,” Teeasyatoh said. |Morgan Hornsby

Laura Elbl, a friend of the Surdyke family, comforted Rosemary Surdyke following the signing of a bill that will name a stretch of I-55 in honor of her brother Cadet Thomas Surdyke, a former St. Pius X student who died on vacation after saving a civilian from drowning. Governor Eric Greitens signed the bill on June 29 at St. Pius X High School by the football field where Cadet Surdyke used to play. |Kathryn Ziesig

Taneka Hill embraces her son Jadon Carter on his first week of school in Aurora, Colorado. Taneka’s family is part of the growing Denver-area homeless population. At the motel in which they live, Jadon stays up late on school nights to watch his younger siblings. |Gabe Scarlett

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