Through Our Eyes – Week 8

Each Thursday, WKU’s Student Chapter of NPPA brings you some of the best images of the past week taken by our very own classmates. To submit for our weekly posts, you must currently be a WKU Photojournalism student and have taken the images or produced the video within the last week (Tuesday to Tuesday). Send your top 1-5 selections to [email protected] by our Tuesday 6:30pm deadline and our officers and attendees will pick the best of the bunch to showcase at our open meetings every Tuesday at 7pm in Lab 127.

toe102313001Seth Bickett (foreground) and KJ Simpson, both sophomores at Daviess County High School, practice tricks on their bicycles at the PNC Bank parking lot in downtown Owensboro, Ky.  KREABLE YOUNG

toe102313002Wku junior guards Trency Jackson and TJ Prince celebrate after Jackson successfully performed a slam dunk during the dunk contest portion of Hilltopper Hysteria Saturday night.  IAN MAULE

Hobson_Features 1-1500Corey Lanerie contemplates his race before he gets out of the jockey dressing room in Keeneland before the eighth race on Friday, October 11, 2013.  PEYTON HOBSON

toe102313004Burmese refugees Cing Sian Lun, 6, and Cing Ngaih Kim, 3, work on Cing Sian Lun’s homework in Owensboro, Ky. on Oct. 17, 2013.  Cing Sian Lun speaks Burmese and is also learning English and Spanish in the first grade at Deer Park Elementary School.  LEAH VOSS

MWS2013 ed gkGene Wink (left), Roy Humphrey, Jack Humphrey and Donald Gill eat breakfast at J.R.’s Market before they begin their day. Donald carves a “hoo-doo” stick, whose propeller purportedly changes directions upon command.  ADRIANA FUNKE

toe102313005Helen Kasey has been working the day shift at Moonlite Bar-B-Q for over 19 years. 61 years young she is often referred to as “momma” in the kitchen due to her warm and caring personality. Underneath that good spirit Helen is constantly reminded why she works as hard and as much as she does. Her husband Donald Kasey, 61, was diagnosed with Leukemia around four years ago and has been unable to work. Placing the stress of supporting the both of them squarely on Helen’s shoulders. “His disablement check helps out,” Helen said. “I try not to eat until I get here so I can save money.” The stress of her ailing husband and worrying about bills certainly hasn’t dampened Helen’s spirits. “It’s not a burden to take care of him because I am helping him,” she said. “I take the vows I made to him very seriously.”  LUKE FRANKE

toe102313006Tan Mayhall (left) and Tony Rodgers (right) share a laugh at Elmwood Cemetery before the “Voices of Elmwood” performance, which dramatizes the lives of those buried. “I got involved by mistake,” said Rodgers, whose four year involvement has given him experiences as two separate characters in this unique showcase.  HARRISON HILL

toe102313007Cing Lan Nuampi (left) and her husband, Zaw Zaw are refugees and natives of Myanmar who moved their family to Kentucky in July.  Even small errands like doing their laundry poses a challenge because the couple do not have driver licenses or a car.  The family relies on favors from relatives or the International Center to get them around their new town, Owensboro, Ky.  LEAH VOSS

Sunrise to moonrise gives witness to life clicking along in Owensboro through time- lapse photography. The city’s energy — new life mixed with old — reveals itself under clouds, stars and light.  JEFF BROWN



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