Through Our Eyes – Week 39

Each Thursday, WKU’s Student Chapter of NPPA brings you some of the best images of the past week taken by our very own classmates. To submit for our weekly posts, you must currently be a WKU Photojournalism student and have taken the images or produced the video within the last week (Tuesday to Tuesday). Send your top 1-3 selections to [email protected] by our Tuesday 6:30pm deadline and our officers and attendees will pick the best of the bunch to showcase at our open meetings every Tuesday at 7:00pm in Lab 127.

Lafser_E_Bosstick_20150331_0033Chuck and Betty Ann Bosstick lay in bed and tell each other how much they love one another. Betty Ann has alzheimer’s, so she is in bed basically all day every day while Chuck will keep her company and hold her hand. “She’s my life. She’s my life. Without her, I don’t want to live, but as long as she’s alive, I want to be alive with her,” said Chuck. The couple have know each other since they were ten years old and have been married for almost 68 years. 1938 was their first date and first kiss. “[Marrying him] was the best thing I ever did,” said Betty Ann. ERICA LASFER

CCarson Myers, 11, left, son of the head coach, shushes Cruz Dougherty, 4, right, son of the assistant coach, after a baseball game at the Hot Rod Stadium in Bowling Green on March 24, 2015 between WKU and UK. WKU won with a final score of 12-3. EMILY KASK

6aSydney LaDonna Farrar, known as “Donna”, a resident of Hippie Hill, a haven for transient and homeless people in Christiana, Tenn., holds 10 month-old Lennon Joiner in a mobile home on Hippie Hill where Lennon and his mother, Stacey, are currently residing. Farrar has two biological children herself, but does not have custody of either of them. She helps take care of a few of the children who live on the Hill. “I’m made to be a mother, I love taking care of other people, much more than I can take care of myself” said Farrar. EMILY KASK

_MG_9453Caylie Hadden of the Bowling Green Thunder collides into teammates Chas Brassell and Jackson Lindsey of the Bowling Green Flames in the third period during an inline hockey game at Basil Griffin Park on March 23, 2015. HARRISON HILL

Maggie_179Maggie Kruger sits in her greenhouse at her home in Adair County, Ky. Maggie is a mental health advocate and is currently fighting for her son, Paul, who is in the juvenile justice system and not receiving the help he needs for his mental illness. ADAM WOLFFBRANDT

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