Through Our Eyes – 11/1/16


“You gotta be careful, my man, I got girlfriends looking for me,” Jason joked. Released from prison in 2006, he is ineligible to vote in the upcoming election. “I just can’t concern myself with that anymore.” Kentucky is one of just three states that permanently ban convicted felons from voting.


Carolyn Caplinger, 53, feels abandoned by her party this election. A registered Republican, she is disgusted with the allegations of sexual assault against Donald Trump, the GOP candidate, and “all his trash about women and these teenage girls.” Hundreds of Republican officials and legislators have left pulled their support for Trump in recent months, but he and the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton are very close in the polls.


“I didn’t see girls with my type of hair growing up,” said WKU senior, Indygo Ray, who believes that natural hair is not seen as professional in society. “Learning about my hair just made me feel at one with myself and free and beautiful,” said Ray.


Evansville senior, Jessica Jackson hardly remembers a time in her life where she did not chemically alter her hair. When Jackson was a sophomore at WKU she decided to give natural hair a try, “when I went home, I just cut it all off,” said Jackson. “I felt so good at the moment, this is my hair,” said Jackson, “I wanna wear the hair that grows out of my head.”


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