The End of the 37th Year

The week of madness is finally over! Besides being able to get a full nights sleep, it means we get to view all the great projects that were produced this week! Take a look at for great photos and videos!

Congrats to all who participated                                                                                                                                                                                 Photographers: Jabin Botsford, Peyton Hobson, Jacob Hill, Jon Hernandez, Brittany Sowacke, Dorothy Edwards, Danny Guy, Katie McLean, Connor Choate, Ian Maule, Sammy Jo Hester, Cooper Burton, Jerry Habraken and Abby O’Bryan

Videographers: Austin Anthony and Megan Tan

Photo Editors: Katie Meek, Emily Free, Jeff Brown, Eric Shea and Naomi Driessnack

Labbies: Abby O’Bryan, Bria Granville, Eric Shea, Sam Oldenburg, Justin Philalack, Mike Rivera, Elizabeth Bielman, Alix Mattingly, Earnest Atkinson, Ty Cobb, Sarah Keene, Kreable Young, Luke Franke, Morgan Kidwell, Jerry Englehart, Matt Lunsford, Daniel Vorlet, Josh Lindsey, Tiffani Walton, Leanora Benkato, Seth Fischer, Adri Funke, Rachel Tankersley, Brittany Greeson, Michael Noble, Lauren Boone, Cassidy Johnson

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