The Clip Contest results are in!


After a few weeks of growing anticipation the results have finally all come in.

So many, many thanks to Mike Zajakowski, Maggie Walker, Meg Theno and Erin Mystkowski of The Chicago Tribune, Rick Loomis and Liz O. Baylen of The L.A. Times, David Weatherwax of The Jasper Herald and Mike Davis and his graduate class at Syracuse University!

Without further ado, the winners!

1st Place – Adam Wolffbrandt – with 5 photos voted into the finals.

2nd Place – Austin Anthony – with 4

3rd Place is a tie between Morgan Walker

and Ian Maule

4th Place is a 5-way tie between Brittany Sowacke

Sam Oldenburg

Bria Granville

Christian Randolph

and Josh Mauser

To see the full results from each individual paper, come on in to the PJ Lounge. Comments are up as well!


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